Top Driver

Teens need and deserve the best driver training.
More than 33% of teen drivers are in a crash their first year of driving. Unfortunately, most high school and commercial driver education programs focus on helping getting a license and do little to improve this statistic. Using outdated videos and relying on lectures, these programs don’t engage students or facilitate learning. Parents have a better alternative: Top Driver.

Top Driver – driver education reinvented.

Based in Illinois, Top Driver is the nation’s largest driving school with more than 70 locations and more than 100,000 graduates. Our mission is to create lifelong intelligent drivers. Our Driver Intelligence approach engages students so they learn more and become safer drivers. It features:

  • An interactive, multi-media curriculum
  • Engaging instructors who’ve passed stringent background checks and training
  • Individual driving lessons that are 100% focused on training and skill development rather than transporting students to/from the lesson
  • Tools to help parents better coach their teen in the car
  • A wide range of classes that accommodate busy schedules – including weekends

It’s superior safety training for a vital life skill.

6369A Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

(800) 374-8373

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